Dr. K. Nakajima
Orthopedic specialist, Chiba, Japan

Report made on April 5th 2019

I have tested Turmeron with 16 patients, 12 females, and 4 males, with their consents who came to my clinic from October 2018 to March 2019. 10 patients with a knee problem, 4 patients with shoulder pain and 1 each patient for hip and finger problem.

Among 10 of my patients with knee problems, 6 indicated a marked reduction of the pain level in their knees and also shown clear improvement in their ADL, (Activities of Daily Living.) I want to mention that significant improvements of hydrarthrosis of the knee were seen in all 3 patients who suffered from swollen knee which is a typical symptom of knee synovitis. (After 2 months their symptoms were gone in 2 cases out of 3.)

For patients with shoulder pain, similar improvements to the knee were seen but a number of cases were limited. Improvement to hip and finger pain could not be assessed due to lack of cases during the trial. It can be concluded that Turmeron Joint is clearly effective for knee synovitis.

No side effects and no discomfort associated with the Turmeron

My name is Elisheva. I am 87 years old. I live in a farmers community in the north of Israel.

I used to have major joints pain for several years which prohibits me from doing simple and basic activities even at home. I started using the Turmeron some 18 months ago, and I am back queen of the house, doing almost all or the same activities I did before. Even holding my great-grandson. No side effects and no discomfort associated with the Turmeron.


Fast Recovery From a Knee Injury

Two years ago I fell down the stairs and damaged my knee. One week after the accident, my knee became swollen to the point that I could not walk. My doctor told me that fluid had collected on my knee. He drained the fluid twice using a large syringe and then I had to continue this drainage therapy once every week but there was no improvement of my knee.

I started taking pills but still no effect. I was desperate and I came across a supplement called Turmeron. I decided to give this supplement a try. After taking it for two weeks, my knee became normal with no collection of fluid. I am surprised at my fast recovery with the use of Turmeron.


I walk freely with no pain and could return to be the active woman that I was

My name is Hagit, 65 years old, from Ra’anana, Israel. Generally active and healthy woman.

About three years ago, I began to suffer from pain in my left hip. After some time, when I saw that it isn’t getting better, the orthopedist sent me for some tests. The MRI showed a beginning of erosion in that hip.

I had physiotherapy for 3 month, and then hydrotherapy in the pool. Took some anti-inflammatory and pain-killer pills – nothing made a significant change.

I had a limp and couldn’t walk for more than 100 meters. One day a friend offered me the “TURMERON mobility joint” by VERITAS. I began to take it twice a day, not really expecting anything. To my surprise, after a month I notice a big relief from the pain and a big improvement in the ability to step on the foot, and the mobility of the joint.

Now, after a year taking the Turmeron, I continue taking one pill a day, I walk freely with no pain and could return to be the active woman that I was.



Turmeron Joint is Clinically Approved and has no known side effects.

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