Every aspect of producing Turmeron Joint is performed in Japan. The fields growing the White Turmeric are located in pristine farm areas where every phase of growth is monitored.

The manufacturing of Turmeron Joint is done by a large Japanese nutraceutical company whose production techniques meet or exceed ISO, GLP, GMP and FDA standards. Additionally, each batch of extract is tested for heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants. No batch is released if any detectable amounts of these contaminants has been observed.

There are many turmeric remedies.

However, Turmeron Joint is unique. Following 17 years of development by dedicated Botanists and Phyto Chemists, a variety of Curcuma longa known as White Japanese Turmeric was created.

This plant has been optimized to produce the highest concentrations of labdane-type diterpenes. These represent the main active compounds in the Turmeron Joint extract.

We grow very unique Japanese turmeric on our farm in Kyushu.

A Japanese patent ensures that we are the only one who can grow this turmeric.

Our turmeric is harvested once a year. We plant its rhizome at the end of March every year and harvest the plant in November. During this time, we monitor its growth and sample the leaves and rhizome 4 times during the growing period to check its active content.

The active concentration will gradually increase as the plant grows. We monitor its growth together with Kindai University.


The problem: joints are wrapped in a bag called the joint capsule, and there is a film called the synovial membrane in the lining.

The synovial fluid that is secreted from the synovial membrane acts as a lubricant for the joint and to send nutrition to the cartilage.

When you develop osteoarthritis (OA), the synovial membrane will increase its thickness due to inflammation. It then secretes excessive body fluid into the joint capsule which induces secondary inflammation and causes the inflammation to cascade causing further damage to the cartilage and other tissues in the joint capsule.

Effective for a reason.

Turmeron is the only supplement that can control inflammation and unwanted synovial membrane growth.

Our Japanese patent was granted as:
“Inhibition agent of synovial membrane growth”.

Effective and easy to use — once a day.

Turmeron Joint works for all joints.

However, the most affected joint is knee followed by the hip joint and fingers.

Clinical testing of Turmeron Joint has been performed using various concentrations of the active elements. This meant that the “1X” or “2X” capsule were taken several times during the day.

Today’s Turmeron Joint contains a “4X” formulation, which means that you only take it once per day. Our studies continue but volunteers taking Tumeron Joint under the auspices of a Japanese Hospital Committee concerned with OA found that: participants reported significant to very good improvement to knee joints, leg joints hip joints, and finger joints 70% of the time. Two subsequent studies had similar outcomes.

Effective. Without Unwanted Side Effects.

Osteoarthritis is a very common disease worldwide. Typically, 20 to 25% of the population will be affected and more women suffer than men.

Standard treatment options according to the American Academy for Orthopedic Surgeons guidelines include:

  • administration of non- selective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitors (COX-2)
  • corticosteroid intraarticular injections
  • topical NSAIDs
  • acetaminophen
  • and finally joint replacements for advanced cases. (Recently intraarticular PRP injections have been tried)

Effective relief

Tumeron Joint from Japanese turmeric does not cause negative side effects. We feel it is more suitable for OA patients because it improves their various mobility problems while avoiding side effects due to pain killers.*

In Japanese studies, there are no side effects reported.

* Information is not intended to diagnose, recommend or advise the reader. Always consult with your physician or healthcare provider concerning matters of your health.


    The developers of Turmeron Joint have spent more than 17 years using natural plant breeding techniques in order to maximize the concentration of active biochemical compounds found in turmeric.

    They determined that these active compounds, known as labdanes, are found in most varieties of turmeric, but in very low quantities. Their efforts have resulted in a unique type of Curcuma longa plant that has significantly higher concentrations of these molecules in their roots. When extracted, using proprietary methods, they are made available in clinically meaningful amounts in the Turmeron Joint.

      Focused like no other

      While other turmeric supplements may boast about the weight of turmeric root found in their product, they contain insignificant amounts of labdanes. Moreover, their ingredient lists mainly contain values relating to weights of crude, pulverized turmeric root.

        Professor Komai

        Professor Komai, Kindai University and a team of botanists and phytochemists identified the active ingredients required to make a difference in the relief of Osteoarthritis. The labdane type diterpenes were developed over a 17-year natural plant breeding procedure which was focused one thing — joint pain relief. The result is Tumeron Joint.

        The process is proprietary and has earned a Japanese Patent.

          The key extract used in Turmeron Joint is patented in Japan.

          The patent claims that the labdane compounds found in the active ingredients of Turmeron Joint suppress this abnormal cell growth of the synovial membrane. As a result, these key plant extracts are useful in preventing the worsening of certain joint inflammations and can be useful for a range of joint related issues.

          Additionally, the patent claims that the extract works to maintain a healthy amount of hyaluronic acid within the joint itself. It accomplishes this by counteracting a destructive enzyme which causes the loss of this important, natural joint lubricant.

            Pure, Effective, Focused Relief for Joint Pain

            Turmeron Joint is Clinically Approved and has no known side effects.

            Information is not intended to diagnose, recommend or advise the reader.
            Always consult with your physician or healthcare provider concerning matters of your health.